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From Surviving to Thriving: Access to Trade Finance for SMEs in the digital era

The pandemic has proved to be a cataclysmic force in global trade innovation – in response to the disruption wrought over the last 18 months, a proliferation of digital solutions and tools have emerged. However, there has been a lack of coherence in some of these initiatives, which risks creating a further siloed and disjointed industry. A more holistic approach is required, especially when considering the complexities faced by SMEs.

This session will explore how we can best harness the potential of digital technologies to narrow the expanding trade finance gap, solve the liquidity crisis facing SMEs and drive global economic equality.

Our renown panel of experts will discuss:

  • What has been the true impact of disruption caused by Covid-19 on the SME trade financing landscape? Mapping key challenges and assessing their extent
  • Leveraging networks and orchestrating an open ecosystem to reduce friction, lower costs and increase efficiency using blockchain technology
  • How machine learning and AI can offer empowered, predictive analytical techniques for businesses to extract value from their data
  • The role of NFTs, digital currencies and other bleeding edge technologies